release date August 4, 2010
length 6:36 (single)
8:46 (video)
tags y, bounty, iamamiwhoami
iamamiwhoami; y.jpg y
August 5, 2010
Y by Zoo Brazil.jpg y by Zoo Brazil
November 3, 2010
iamamiwhoami; IN CONCERT.jpg IN CONCERT; y
December 4, 2010
iamamiwhoami; y (2013).jpg y
May 20, 2013
Sample CD
Cooperative Music
Y by Joe Goddard.jpg y (Joe Goddard remix)
May 21, 2013
To whom it may concern.
Y by Moby.jpg y (Moby remix)
May 21, 2013
To whom it may concern.
iamamiwhoami; y (Brodinski remix).jpg y (Brodinski remix)
June 21, 2013
To whom it may concern.
iamamiwhoami; y (2013).jpg y (EP)
July 22, 2013 (Beatport) / August 5, 2013 (iTunes, Amazon)
To whom it may concern.
little hope / sing a song of fire T-205.139.024-7
Jonna Lee (00450572370),
Claes Björklund (00262527078)
y by Zoo Brazil T-906.781.714-5
iamamiwhoami (00608508743)
y - IN CONCERT T-906.781.720-3
iamamiwhoami (00608508743)

The thirteenth video from iamamiwhoami, and the seventh video from the bounty series. It was uploaded on August 4, 2010.

Music video observations

Lee prances around in a forest wrapped in aluminium foil.

The video begins with a black cat walking on a dining table. The camera turns to the man in briefs from prior videos sitting on a throne while having the foil objects from t while chucking paper around. Jonna Lee is then seen singing underwater. The entire location is revealed to be within a tree in a forest wrapped with aluminum foil. Lee climbs out of one tree with a vaginal opening and receives a lighted bulb from a hand above. The forest then suddenly has ceiling lights, and they each light slowly. A knight is then shown attacking a tree simultaneously while it is implied that the man in briefs masturbates and his own semen is splattered on his face.

A paper-constructed room is shown, and Lee has a paper attached to her face whilst she stands in between plant pots, filled with small leafless trees. After a baby's sneeze/cough is heard, she turns around, her face visible. Her face and entire body blackens which is seen in n and the first six videos. She is then wrapped in aluminium foil. She sings inside, and the scene cuts back to the starting scene of the black cat on a dining table. A foil-wrapped object sits in the centre. Bare feet dripping white liquid are shown suspended above a pot of peppercorn where it drips upon. Attached to the pot is a strip of paper emblazoned, "To whom it may concern." The peppercorn move slightly, prompting an emergence.


  • When Lee's skin begins to turn black, it parallels the other videos in the prelude series.
  • The paper castle parallels the paper house in n.
  • The scene where Lee is wrapped in aluminium foil parallels the scene in n where she, too, is wrapped in it.
  • The foil-wrapped thing in the center of the table is very similar to the shape of Jonna after being wrapped in n.
  • The crown, scepter and orb from t appears in this video.
  • The number 6 is present in the form of a dining table catered for 6 people (6 chairs, 6 dining sets).


  • The description of the video contained a link to a YouTube video of a speech Prince Daniels of Sweden made to his wife, Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden.
  • The song was referred to as the first commercial single to be taken from bounty.
  • In a recent interview with The 405, Jonna Lee cited y as one of her favourite songs to perform live, along with rascal.


  • y — 6:36
  • y (edit) — 4:00
  • y by Moby — 6:06
  • y by Joe Goddard — 8:49
  • y by Brodinski — 4:36

Remix EP

  • y — 6:36
  • y by Joe Goddard — 8:49
  • y by Moby — 6:06
  • y by Brodinski remix) — 4:36


Live performances


Two lines were released on BULLETT's exclusive interview, including:

  • I grow up to be just like that.
  • Sprung from necessity when something changed in you.

Little hope, little home of heavenly
Come and save us from this ugly truth
Little hope, sprung from necessity
May all good things in life come to you

Little ghost, so innocent and carefree
They will never stop hunting you
Little voice, life got the best of me
And in time that's what awaits you too

Little hope, sing a song of fire
I grow up to be just like that
(little hope, little hope)
Sing a song of fire

Little hope, sing a song of fire
I grow up to be just like that
(little hope, little hope)
Sing a song of fire
(waited all my life)

Little hope, loudly sounding siren
If you want your dream of life back
(little hope, little hope)
Sing a song of fire

I've seen the truth and it's nothing like you said
I've seen the picture of your perfect world
Now you can touch the halo around my crowned head
So many questions, so many things unsaid

Release history

Date Release
2010-08-04 y video
2010-08-05 y single
2010-11-03 y by Zoo Brazil remix single
2010-12-04 IN CONCERT single
2013-05-20 y Single sample CD
2013-05-21 y by Moby, y by Joe Goddard remix singles
2013-06-21 y by Brodinski remix single
2013-07-22 y Remix EP (Beatport)
2013-08-05 y Remix EP (iTunes, Amazon)

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