Violent Playground” is a song by British band Nitzer Ebb, first included in live form on their 1983 self-released demo Basic Pain Procedure, with a studio version coming in 1987 on their international debut album That Total Age.

In 2009, Jonna Lee released her own version of the song, with Claes Björklund on piano, on There’s a Razzia Going On, Volume 2, a various artists album by her label at the time, Razzia. For the 2020 KRONOLOGI playlist, she released a new version of the song under her moniker ionnalee.

KRONOLOGI version Edit

Release history Edit

Date Release Format
2009-10-07 Violent Playground (There’s a Razzia Going On, Volume 2) Download, streaming, CD
2020-05-22 violent playground (KRONOLOGI version) Digital single

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