release date May 7, 2010
length 3:40 (single)
3:43 (video)
tags u-2, bounty, iamamiwhoami
iamamiwhoami; u-2.jpg u-2
May 7, 2010
iamamiwhoami; u (The Blacksmoke Organisation remix).jpg U by The Blacksmoke Organisation
July 9, 2010
iamamiwhoami; u (Khonnor remix).jpg U by Khonnor
July 16, 2010
iamamiwhoami; IN CONCERT.jpg IN CONCERT; U-2
December 4, 2010
u-2 T-906.725.222-6
iamamiwhoami (00608508743)
u by The Blacksmoke Organisation T-906.781.708-7
iamamiwhoami (00608508743)
u by Khonnor T-906.781.709-8
iamamiwhoami (00608508743)
u - IN CONCERT T-906.781.717-8
iamamiwhoami (00608508743)

The tenth video from iamamiwhoami, and the fourth video from the bounty series. It was uploaded on May 7, 2010.

Music video observations[]

The video works as the direct follow-up of the previous chapter, u-1. A man in underwear is seen entering a fort made of cardboard boxes. He wanders through the maze created by the boxes, his face and body heavily distorted, looking timorous and disorientated. The floor of the maze is entirely covered by polystyrene. As he seemingly spots something, he climbs up some boxes and then jumps down to discover a single box standing in the middle of a room with a bottle (filled with an unknown substance) on top of it. He then starts dancing wildly, probably under the influence of the mysterious substance. He even licks the bottle, only to be further intoxicated. These scenes are quickly interspersed with flashbacks (set in the wooden cabin from the previous video) of him miming sex acts on a female cardboard puppet. In the end the man looks visibly angered, and destroys the fort.


  • An instrumental version of the track was played before the live performance at Ether Festival.
  • In an interview with Notion Magazine, iamamiwhoami commented that u-1 and u-2 "are two different songs. I think they also belong together. The meaning of them both artistically… they have a place together".


Live performances[]


you can't be the knight

Release history[]

Date Release
2010-05-07 u-2 video
2010-05-07 u-2 single
2010-07-09 u by The Blacksmoke Organisation remix single
2010-07-16 u by Khonnor remix single
2010-12-04 IN CONCERT; u-2 single

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