release date May 3, 2010
length 2:38 (single)
2:23 (video)
tags u-1, bounty, iamamiwhoami
iamamiwhoami; u-1 u-1
May 3, 2010
iamamiwhoami; u (The Blacksmoke Organisation remix) U by The Blacksmoke Organisation
July 9, 2010
iamamiwhoami; u (Khonnor remix) U by Khonnor
July 16, 2010
u-1 T-906.728.878-2
iamamiwhoami (00608508743)
u by The Blacksmoke Organisation T-906.781.708-7
iamamiwhoami (00608508743)
u by Khonnor T-906.781.709-8
iamamiwhoami (00608508743)
u-1 by Strange Animals T-906.725.223-7
iamamiwhoami (00608508743)

The ninth video from iamamiwhoami, and the third video from the bounty series. It was uploaded on May 3, 2010.

Music video observationsEdit

The video begins in a previously unseen location. An unknown man, wearing only white underwear and socks, is shown from behind sitting down in a dark forest. The scene quickly changes to the wooden cabin, where a female cardboard-made puppet utters the recurring sentence "A quien le corresponda". Scenes from the forest and the cabin are quickly alternated, respectively showing the man wandering through the environment and eventually reaching a fort made out of cardboard boxes, and the female puppet singing her song with the same man on her side. The last scenes set in the cabin reveal the man sitting in front of a wicker mirror with the puppet on his lap, trying to kiss her only to have her shun him away. The camera slowly pans out and the video ends.


  • In an interview with Notion Magazine, iamamiwhoami commented that u-1 and u-2 "are two different songs. I think they also belong together. The meaning of them both artistically… they have a place together".


Live performancesEdit


One line was released on BULLETT's exclusive interview, including:

  • Now we built a fort so strong to hold the ashes of your town.

you gave me life
in return i'll torch pretend
you can watch it burn

in the ashes of your town
in the ashes of your town
we will build it back down

you gave me life
we would build it back down

in the ashes of your town
in the ashes of your town
we will build it back down

Release history Edit

Date Release
2010-05-03 u-1 video
2010-05-03 u-1 single
2010-07-09 u by The Blacksmoke Organisation remix single
2010-07-16 u by Khonnor remix single

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