the deadlock” is a song which debuted live in 2015 during CONCERT IN BLUE. It was written around 2010-2011, intended as the original opening track for kin before it was replaced by "sever", and includes lines from BULLETT’s interview.

The song was not registered in any database, or heard of until the event. The short musical segment played in the CONCERT IN BLUE teaser could, however, be related or belong to this work.

The song name was first revealed via a tweet from To whom it may concern., with the hashtag, #thedeadlock, whilst the song streamed in concert. It was then visible in the credits, and later added to the track-list on the label shop.


KRONOLOGI version[]

In June 2020, Lee released a studio version of the song, on the KRONOLOGI playlist.


Four lines were published on BULLETT’s 2011 exclusive interview, including:

  • Who knew what I would turn into?
  • Listen to the words I sing that for this occasion I chose.
  • Who knows my world? Who shares my view?
  • His methods were all tried and true.

Release history[]

Date Release Format
2015-09-02 the deadlock (from CONCERT IN BLUE) Digital single
2020-06-05 the deadlock (KRONOLOGI version)

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