shadowshow” is a 2010 song by iamamiwhoami. A few verses from the song first appeared in 20101104. The full song was then performed and recorded live in as part of IN CONCERT, released under the title “.” (pronounced punkt; Swedish for "period").

It was finally released as a full-fledged studio song in 2014, under the title “shadowshow”, long-speculated to be its actual title, although confirmed on a 2013 concert setlist, as the tenth and final single from iamamiwhoami’s audiovisual album, BLUE.


The music video begins in the same forest area as the one in the last dancer. Shots of trees and broken mirror pieces, including a quick shot of the back of Jonna Lee's hand covered in square cut pieces of the mirror.

It then quickly shifts to the forest at night. Lee is wandering about suspiciously as she sees a shadow moving quickly. She's dressed in all white, with plastic thigh high boots, a plastic hood and a long plastic cape, which is reminiscent of the long white fabric cape in the "vista" video. More shadows move about the forest as it is revealed that she is now seated upon a throne, made from broken mirror pieces.

An early daytime scene shows Jonna naked and playing a violin, seemingly made from a clothes hanger rack. As she sings, shadow figures walk out from the woods, towards the lake she is sat by.

The night scenery shifts back, and Lee is now dressed in a full bodysuit made of mirror pieces. Light reflects back off her as she dances in front of the forest. We are then brought back to the previous scene in the daytime and the shadow figures all line up and walk past her, into 'blue lake'.

The final scene starts the bridge for 'blue lake', accompanied with small piece of music, not included in the track.



The 2014 BLUE version has a new verse not included in the original version performed IN CONCERT and released on KRONOLOGI.

Three lines were published on BULLETT's exclusive 2011 interview, including:

  • "I am damaged in the making"
  • "It's how it goes"
  • "The walls keep growing thinner"


  • A second GIF for 'shadowshow' was uploaded shortly after the original went live, to fix a minor issue with the first.
  • Shortly before the IN CONCERT performance of t begins, a sound of bells in the distance is heard, playing the first few notes from the chorus of 'shadowshow'.
  • The bells played before the IN CONCERT version of 't' are present in the chorus in the final BLUE version of 'shadowshow'.
  • The ISWC database revealed an unreleased song written by Lee and Björklund called shadowshow. It was presumed to be the title of . since it is a lyric within the song itself. Since then, the track has been included in live shows (such as the Electric Brixton gig), appearing in the setlist as shadowshow, confirming that it is indeed the official title of the song.
  • According to the dictionary, a "shadow show" is a "drama executed by throwing shadows on a wall". It is interesting to note that Lee also mentions "walls grow[ing] thinner" in the song.
  • A studio version of the song was revealed to exist as it was played before the live performance at Ether Festival. In an interview with Londonist a week before Electric Brixton, Lee herself confirmed that "there are plenty of versions" of the song "both in [her] head and in reality". She also hinted at a possible release of said song in the future.
  • This song has been described as "the start of this whole project" by Lee, and that it was "the first song that then became this project".



The first full release of the song, performed during iamamiwhoami's IN CONCERT in 2010, and released as "." (pronounced "punkt" in Swedish).

2012 studio version

Prior to iamamiwhoami's Ether Festival show in London in 2012, unreleased iamamiwhoami music was played as the audience entered the auditorium. Fans attending reported new versions of 'shadowshow' and 'u' were played from a USB flash drive, amongst other undefined instrumental tracks. This version of shadowshow differs from the first live performance of the song that followed a year later at Electric Brixton, but shares similarities with the KRONOLOGI version released by ionnalee in 2020.


A version of ”shadowshow” is the opening track of the KRONOLOGI playlist. Jonna stated that this version is “a studio recorded live version of ‘shadowshow’ in its original form”, the first song she and Claes wrote for iamamiwhoami.

Live performances

Release history

Date Release Format
2010-12-04 IN CONCERT; . Digital single
2014-12-22 shadowshow Digital single and video
2020-04-10 shadowshow (KRONOLOGI version) Digital single

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