Eighth single/chapter from iamamiwhoami's audiovisual album BLUE.

Music video observations[]

The video opens with a boat barely visible in the distance, afloat in the vicinity of the island from chasing kites. The wind rushes across the ocean's surface, and a closer shot of the boat rocking with the waves is seen. The fire set up by the faceless figures in thin is shown abandoned, littered with emptied glass bottles. A faceless figure makes a large bowing gesture. The video moves to various faceless figures lounging by the beach, where two are seen laying out emptied glass bottles on a large tray, as if building a raft. Jonna Lee is shown on the boat from the opening, dressed in a white long-sleeved outfit and a clear raincoat. Faceless figures ankle-deep in seawater begin moving and clapping to the beat. The two faceless figures bring the makeshift raft out to sea, only for the glass bottles to begin drifting away. Shots of Lee using a telescope to observe the figures from her boat are interspersed throughout. As the faceless figures' movements grow quicker, Lee begins to join in, clapping and tapping along to the beat. A shot of ripples spreading across still water is seen, along with glimpses of Lee steering the boat through sunset and nighttime. The faceless figures continue to dance about, and the picture fades to black.


  • The phrase "To whom it may concern." makes an appearance at the beginning of the video. This is the eleventh occurrence on video overall.


  • The last 2 shots read 'iamamiwhoami; BLUE', and towhomitmayconcern.cc, the label's website.
  • This is the first video to be released after November 10, 2014, BLUE's release date.
  • The first video to premiere exclusively on the island.



  1. ripple — 3:36


With one hand above the rising line
Fighting to keep my innocence dry
Before I sail this raft aground
If we won’t live to hear the sound

No built ship can save mankind
They’ll be holding their breaths for the rest of their lives
Before you sail that raft aground
Join us in the search and take a dive

Flotsam and jetsam all this driftwood
Can’t you see the forest for the trees

Release history[]

Date Release
2014-11-10 ripple single
2014-11-18 ripple video

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