mouth of a river is an unreleased album by Jonna Lee. First found in databases as the performer for some works written by Lee, she described it as a "collection of songs".[1]

Although not released as MOUTH OF A RIVER songs, some of them have been recorded and released by iamamiwhoami and ionnalee.

In 2020, upon the release of "mouth’s open sea", she confirmed mouth of a river to be the working title of an album recorded after bounty, as a prequel to 2014's BLUE.[2]


All songs originally written by Jonna Lee, but some reworked with additional writers for their releases.

In registration order
Title Alternate title Status
siberia what a drought Unreleased
bottomless blue now the sea holds my truth Unreleased
chasing kites Released: 2014 — iamamiwhoami; additional writer Claes Björklund
HARVEST Released: 2018 — ionnalee; additional writer Robert Alfons
i built this house Unreleased
OPEN SEA pirates Released: 2019 — ionnalee
i KEEP let it bleed Released: 2019 — ionnalee
the new age you could have so much love Unreleased
WIPE IT OFF i feel it now Released: 2019 — ionnalee
cardio Unreleased
HERE IS A WARNING Released: 2018 — ionnalee
time to let it dry Unreleased
black shore Unreleased
sphere Unreleased
ISLANDER Released: 2019 — ionnalee
the box Unreleased
cross or pass Unreleased
CRYSTAL Released?: 2019 — ionnalee; additional writer Claes Björklund
mutineer Unreleased
PARAMOUNT Released: 2019 — ionnalee
white palms Unreleased