An online fan community named itself 'iambountyfan', which has since shared over two million messages, furthering the digital medium in which iamamiwhoami / ionnalee / To whom it may concern. releases are disseminated.

It focuses on the fan aspect of the TWIMC CREATORS, giving highlight to labyrinthine discussions, well-crafted artistic outputs, personal journeys with the CREATORS, fan-driven contests, community presence in key events, and other intricacies engaging the community.

"I spend a lot of time there and iamamiwhoami exists there. Digital is not just leisure; it has an awful lot of force and information, and with that, power for each individual. It’s an even bigger revolution than when books were first printed." – Jonna Lee

Created in 2010, both founders of 'iambountyfan', Jacob Hulmston and Daniel Rengifo-Molina, have since collaborated with 'To whom it may concern.' on 'the BLUE island', later upgraded into THE ISLAND, a digital home featuring all of iamamiwhoami's releases.

In 2016, it was passed on to prominent members of the fan club to carry on the torch and legacy built within the community.

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