good worker
release date March 13, 2012
length 4:58 (single)
5:00 (video)
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March 14, 2012
To whom it may concern.
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Third single from kin.

Music video observations[]

Lee gets dragged across multiple areas of a forest while wrapped in a tarp.

The video begins where drops left off. Jonna Lee is seen lying down wearing a clump coat, and the camera switches to her perspective. She is dragged out of a parking lot in the basement of an apartment building. It is then revealed that she is being dragged along by a clump while wrapped in a tarp. They visit different landscapes in forested areas. Another different event is also occurring simultaneously; Lee sings whilst sitting in a moving vehicle. The video ends, and the vehicle is revealed to be the recurring Volvo 240 driving across the Swedish landscape before stopping.


  • This video marks the last appearance of the Volvo; it is not seen again for the rest of kin.
  • It is worth mentioning that in "drops," the Volvo was covered by a tarp; in this video, Lee is wrapped in the same tarp.
  • Lee only sings the line "Denial is a virtue" during the scene in the car.
  • The same locations in this video are later revisited in "idle talk."



  1. good worker — 4:58

Live performances[]


Three lines were released on BULLETT's exclusive interview, including:

  • We make a neat and tidy house.
  • A pinion of labors men as capable as trust.
  • Who am I, when all I am is your designated wife.

You make a neat and tidy house
A good worker does
A pinion of labour's men
As capable as trust

From a lower point of view
Comes the underlying truth
Keeping yourself unaware
Comforting we know you care
Locking out your inner man
Recognising time is plans
Ready for some further use
Denial is a virtue

I make a good and steady friend
A companion through life
But who am I when all I am
Is your designated wife

Sadly I have not defined where you're taking me

Release history[]

Date Release
2012-03-13 good worker video
2012-03-14 good worker single

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