canyon” is the second single and episode from iamamiwhoami’s fourth audiovisual album, Be Here Soon. It features Swedish folk singer Lars Winnerbäck, making it the first studio recording by the project with a feature.



climbing to the top, watching the towers from the canyon
the faces i forgot and all their lives that i abandoned
could be forever ago, tomorrow, lines are blurred from where i’m standing
wanting someone else’s shoulder for a real and true companion

try to hear your voices but the thorns are growing high
tell it like it is or save it for another life
my blood is strong
your heads swelling, hungry double tongues
trade me darkness for where days are long
keeps the wolves at bay ’til summer’s gone

had a chosen ally but i lost her understanding
got lost inside the magic i constructed in a nightmare
arms outstretched forever fumbling in the dark, you hid the feeling well
now lift me higher like you used to, got no time, so are we leaving?

try to sing you songs but now my voice is growing tired
let me have my peace, i’ll be your rebel, blow your mind
my blood is strong
wait for me like you’re forever young
trade me nights for where the days are long
keep the wolves at bay ’til summer’s gone

trying to feel grateful but your self content obstructs
blinded by their beauty, stunned by the sound of your own words
my blood is strong
hanging by the tip of my own tongue
what a sight, from here i see it all
keep me hanging in, now summer’s gone


  1. don’t wait for me — 4:06

Release history

Date Release Format
2022-04-07 canyon Digital single and video
2022-06-03 Be Here Soon Digital
2022-08-26 CD, DVD, LP


  • Music, Lyrics, Production, Performance: ionnalee & Claes Björklund
  • Mixing: Johannes Berglund
  • Mastering: Sören von Malmborg
  • Vocals: ionnalee & Lars Winnerbäck
  • Directors: ionnalee & John Strandh
  • Production company: To whom it may concern.
  • With support from: Statens Kulturråd, Ljud & Bild Media
  • Director of photography: John Strandh
  • Executive producer, Editor: ionnalee
  • Production administrator: Agneta Edgren
  • Production coordinator: Sara Rizell
  • Production assistant: Kamil Loutfi
  • Line producer: Niklas Jonasson
  • Focus puller: Johnny Isaksson
  • Gaffer: Peter Bülling
  • Costume director: Andrew Taylor-Parr
  • Set designer: Cajsa Danielsson
  • Hair: Jannie Olofsson @ Salong NOVO

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