1. Baby crib in b.
    Baby screenshot
  2. Child operating camera in n.
  3. Baby in y.
  4. Jonna Lee fondling her stomach (symbolizing pregnancy/loss of child) in sever.
  5. Lee fondling her stomach (symbolizing pregnancy/loss of child) in idle talk.
  6. Lee's water "breaks" in kill.

Cardboard Box FortEdit

  1. u-1
  2. u-2
  4. sever

Fire Edit

  1. "I thought I saw a flame" in o.
  2. "In return I'll torch pretend" and "you can watch it burn" in u-1.
  3. "Sing a song of fire" in y.
  4. "I am fire, I am damage in the making" in shadowshow.

Y (Why?)Edit

  1. The letter 'y' created on the branch in o.
  2. The letter 'y' created on the leek in n.


  1. The letter 'i' created from Captain Underpants and the sunlight through the boxes in u-2.
    iamamiwhoami; vista
  2. The letter 'i' created from Lee's sillouhette in t.
  3. The letter 'i' created from the light bulb and Lee's head in y.
  4. The letter 'i' created from the tree's in y.
  5. The letter 'i' created from Lee's body and the hole above her head in ; john.
  6. The letter 'i' created from the pole and sunlight in ; john.
  7. The letter 'i' created from Lee and the hole in drops carpark.
  8. The letter 'i' in vista on the flag, in the single cover and one of takes of the video.
  9. Supposedly the letter 'i' in the light reflection on the water in the chasing kites video.

Black and WhiteEdit

  1. Lee is covered in a black substance in,,,,, n and y.
  2. A black cat and a black dog are shown during several videos.
  3. Black trees are shown during o and y.
  4. A man in white underwear is shown on u-1, u-2, y, ; john, 20101104 and drops.
  5. Men wearing black clothes with white underwear are seeing on the presentation of u-2 IN CONCERT.
  6. During kill, Lee is seeing wearing a white underwear with white socks, the camera changes and she is seeing with a black underwear with black socks.
  7. During kill, Lee is underwater, donned in black underwear.
  8. During sever, drops, rascal and kill, Lee is donning white underwear.
  9. At the Grammis: Årets Innovator, after winning, an anonymous woman gave the presenter an envelope with a white sheet of paper inside it.
  10. On kin 20120611, a white sheet of paper is shown.
  11. During goods, Lee is wearing a black-and-white jumpsuit.
  12. Also on goods, a black box is shown contrasted against a white room.
  13. The single artwork of sever is plain black, and it gets lighter, until the single artwork of goods, which is plain white.
  14. In the beginning of the Stockholm Music & Arts concert, a black box is shown, and Lee is wearing a white jumpsuit. The black box later changes to a white one and Lee changes to a black jumpsuit.
  15. In hunting for pearls, the video starts with Lee wearing a black jumpsuit, and then wearing one in white.

Number '6'Edit

  1. 6 limbs in Prelude 699130082.451322-
    6 screenshot
  2. 6 floating strawberry cakes in
  3. 6 foreground trees at 0:11 in
  4. 6 blinks at 0:50 in
  5. 6 dogs in
  6. 6 strawberries in
  7. 6 strawberries in
  8. 6 shots of the tree in
  9. 6 crosses
  10. 6 knobs on the piano in b.
  11. 6 living things in b (1 Lee, 4 Men, 1 Cat).
  12. Cat exits room on a loop 6 times in b.
  13. 6 shots of eyes in o.
  14. 6 cats on the roof in o.
  15. 6 holes in the wall in o.
  16. 6 skulls in o.
  17. 6 strawberries in o.
  18. 6 boxes wide fort u-1.
  19. 6 boxes wide fort u-2.
  20. 6 shots over the puppet after the dancing starts u-2.
  21. 6 tomato slices in n.
  22. 6 cabbage in n.
  23. 6 wires in n.
  24. 6 points on the crown in t.
  25. 6 shots of Volvo when walking in t.
  26. 6 women on top of a Volvo in t.
  27. 6 hanging lights in y.
  28. 6 pots in y.
  29. Table for 6 in y.
  30. 5 hairy figures + Lee (6) in drops.
  31. 5 hairy figures + Lee (6) in play.
  32. 5 hairy figures + Lee (6) in in due order.
  33. 6 sides to kin. (cube)
  34. 6 sides to bounty. (cube)

Number '9'Edit

  1. 9 pots in o.
  2. 9 cardboard boxes in sever.
  3. 9 light spots in in due order.
  4. 9 windows in in due order.
  5. 9 hangers in closet in idle talk / kill.
  6. 9 band-aids in rascal.
  7. 9 songs in bounty and kin.

Volvo 240Edit

  1. t
  3. drops
  4. good worker

Blood Edit

  1. "swallow the bleed" in fountain.
  2. "like scarlet red on winter white" in thin.
  3. "when this battle stained the white with bleeding" in the last dancer.

Salt Edit

  1. "tasting salty in the great blue, we will shine" in vista.
  2. "feel the salt slowly fill your throat" in tap your glass.
  3. "salty as we're sinking faster" and "salty head to toe" in dive.

Blue Edit

  1. It's the name of the third album BLUE.
  2. "All the white only turns you blue" in b.
  3. "And before I depart into the deepest blue" in t.
  4. "Deep blue diver, with our hopes in your hands" in hunting for pearls.
  5. "Tasting salty in the great blue we will shine" in vista.
  6. "Out of the blue blue I'll be new" in blue blue.
  7. Blue tears on Lee's face in blue blue.
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