Moby - The Ceremony of Innocence (ionnalee remix) single artwork.jpg
The Ceremony of Innocence
length 3:27

Moby's "The Ceremony of Innocence" is the first remix released under the moniker ionnalee, following previous collaborations with iamamiwhoami: "After" and "y".

Release history[]

Date Release
2018-12-31 Digital download


Savior and I
Savior and I

There was a dark, in all this
There was a darkness I liked
Dancing under the sails at dawn
Dancing under the sails and they're gone
I bought this
I brought it for you
I brought the sight, I brought the light
I brought the time you wanted
I brought it like a savior, and I knew what I couldn't do
Drowning like a savior, and I knew what I couldn't do

You said it was easy to see you with your eyes closed
That there was nothing to me, seeing through me
There was nothing to me, no one knew me
The lightless floor, the closing doors
Falling up, just see me once more
So I know I was here

Savior and I
Savior and I

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