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The Blacksmoke Organisation
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Blacksmoke a.k.a. The Blacksmoke Organisation are "an occasional art collective and musical group dedicated to the propagation of audio visual noise". The precise creative membership of Blacksmoke is a closely guarded secret. It is documented that a founding member is The KLF co-founder Jimmy Cauty. Heavy metal musician James Fogarty has also been extensively responsible for their musical output. Keir (the ex Black Dog/808 State Manager) has been described as their "project manager". K Foundation collaborator Gimpo who is organiser of the annual "M25 SPIN" was the inspiration for an early Blacksmoke track "Gimpo Gimpo" but, contrary to reports, has never provided any vocals. Cauty left the organisation in 2005 to work on other projects[citation needed]. Blacksmoke output currently includes music (original, remix/production for artists and TV/Film composition work), artwork (including photography) and video material.

Cauty stated in a music press interview that Blacksmoke is first and foremost an outlet for his anger concerning the September 11th Terrorist Attacks[citation needed]. Among the work so far produced by the Blacksmoke Organisation are limited edition prints of stamps known as The Stamps Of Mass Destruction the Post Terrorist Modernist EP, and the Post-Terrorism Xmas Shop. The anger over 9/11 is immediately apparent in the samples and vocals of many of the original tracks as well as the graphics.

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