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ShootUpTheStation (also referred to by the fan base as SUTS) was a dedicated member of the iamamiwhoami channel. After frequent comments and friendly attitude towards other members, YouTube user 'Tehhils' passed on the offer to be a 'volunteer'. As 'Tehhils' couldn't accept the offer as 'volunteer' due to passport issues in 20101001, Tehhils nominated SUTS to take her place. In 20101109 iamamiwhoami phoned SUTS to ask a series of questions. SUTS recorded several videos accompanied by new short background music, all of which were uploaded on iamamiwhoami's official YouTube channel, showing the various steps leading up to the concert.

During IN CONCERT, SUTS took part in the video acting as what seemed to be a member of the audience and the community. He was subsequently led to a cardboard box, sealed inside, and burnt within a cardboard fort. Many theories revolve around the burning of SUTS, none of which has been confirmed so far.


In an interview with Bullett Magazine, iamamiwhoami was questioned as to where he was, to which she responded:

"Heading home to where days are nights. Now I’m as good as can be."

SUTS logged into his channel on July 27 2011, but has not commented since his selection as a volunteer. He has not commented on his appearance in iamamiwhoami, nor has he revealed his real identity.

SUTS's role within IN CONCERT was eventually revealed in a later interview with Notion Magazine; he was to represent iamamiwhoami's fanbase.

His role was representing the audience and he bravely travelled without knowing where he was going, may he rest in peace.”

When asked about the difficulties in the process of developing IN CONCERT in an interview with Playground Magazine, iamamiwhoami commented:

We prepared carefully for that night and our forest showed its better sides. Time was of an essence. 
Sometimes a good worker has to be willing to lose it all. And so he did.


  • SUTS used the username 'Tony Bu' in the iamamiwhoami fan forums, TreeLickers, in 2010. The name was later found to be an anagram for bounty.
  • Some theories suggest 'ShootUpTheStation' was a character created by iamamiwhoami.