Robin Kempe-Bergman, also known under the pseudonym of Robinovich, born December 1, 1981, is a Swedish director who was core member of iamamiwhoami prior to the release of BLUE. He directed all of iamamiwhoami videos from 2009 to 2013, and has been collaborating with singer Jonna Lee since her years as a solo artist (directing almost all of her videos, including "Dried Out Eyes", "And Your Love", "I Wrote This Song", "Lake Chermain" and "My High").

Robin has also directed videos for other artists such as Veronica Maggio, Maia Hirasawa, Timo Räisänen and Elin Lanto, the latter of which he directed a video for called "Love Made Me Stupid" which earned him a Grammis nomination in 2010. He was nominated once again for Best Video for iamamiwhoami's drops in 2013.

Robin has a multitude of awards that range from a Roy Gold Award, a Bronze Medal in Promax International as well as four Swedish Grammy nominations for Best Video. He utilizes simplicity and directness in his aesthetic while threading subtle depth and reasoning throughout his visual stories. His ability to convey complexities often lead to a simplification of stylisation, both visually and conceptually. Robin finds his inspiration through classical and modern art, political ideologies and history.

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