Grand Tour Suecia
performance May 20, 2013
2:00 CEST
location Barcelona, Spain
venue Razzmatazz Club
event Grand Tour Suecia
stage Razzclub
duration 11 songs
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Grand Tour Suecia

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iamamiwhoami performed alongside Kate Boy, Jay-Jay Johanson, Kleerup, Peter Björklund and Jenny Seth as part of Razzmatazz's Grand Tour Suecia (Sweden Grand Tour). Doors opened at 23:59, May 19, 2013; iamamiwhoami's performance started approximately at 2:00 (May 20, 2013).


Artist profile

The mysterious and unspeakable multimedia project was born in 2009 via viral videos sent to the media with the enigmatic figure of their female vocalist as the leading character, but you never saw her. The strategy worked and the debate about the identity of the singer included well known artists like Björk, Goldfrapp or Karin Dreijer (The Knife). In 2010 the mystery was revealed, the singer Jonna Lee writes the tracks of the band, featuring the producer Claes Björklund. This same year they win their first Swedish Grammy for the best upcoming band. At the beginning of 2012 their first album kin was released, but it appeared on cd or vinyl until the end of September. Recently they have released the album bounty, a compilation of their first works, unedited material form the band that was created while they were teaming up.


  1. o (intro)
  2. good worker
  3. in due order
  4. u-1 (intro) / n
  5. t
  6. u-2
  7. rascal
  8. play
  9. y
  10. idle talk
  11. ; john
  12. goods

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