MIAMIMIAO is a creative laboratory for dedicated scientists.

MIAMIMIAO produces music and film and is run by its originator. To whom it may concern. is an extension of MIAMIMIAO and functions as a label.

Founded and run by iamamiwhoami.


Aktiebolaget ska bedriva musik- och filmproduktion samt konstnärligt och litterärt skapande med tillägg för journalistisk verksamhet och därtill liknande verksamhet.


  • Ljudinspelning och fonogramutgivning
    • Litterärt och konstnärligt skapande


MiamiMiao - iamamiwhoami
In September 2012, the MIAMIMIAO website was updated to include a section named 'Creators'. A screenshot of play is displayed to show Jonna Lee as iamamiwhoami.

On July 3rd, 2014, all content was wiped from the website. The domain now appears as unregistered.

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