name Connor Christian Kirby Long
born July 24, 1986
United States
occupation Musician, producer
iamamiwhoami u-1/u-2 remix


Connor Kirby-Long, or Khonnor, born July 24, 1986, is an electronic musician from Saint Johnsbury, Vermont who releases music under the name Khonnor. He has published works under several other names, including Grandma, I, Cactus and most recently, Gaza Faggot.

He uses low-tech instruments such as an instructional Japanese language course package’s microphone, an amp, a guitar, and experimental electronics in his recordings which explore the relationship between language and sound. He has released one album, Handwriting, in 2004.

Since then he has begun to diverge from his more popular melodical electronic sound, and gone towards a more rhythmic form of his own genre.

Khonnor actively promoted his music on the Soulseek file-sharing network since it began. His debut album, Handwriting garnered a 9 out of 10 record review in NME, and received good reviews in several major newspapers and publications such as The New York Times.

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