Tungorna press photo 01.jpg
Johan Lundgren
alias Tungorna
occupation Musician
iamamiwhoami featured in b, keyboard (live)

From the Swedish forests of Karlskoga comes producer Johan Lundgren.

His debut EP YSTER showcases his incredible production skills with a progressive sound that will set the tone for electronic music in 2018. Though he had half a lifetime of producing and songwriting behind him, a solo debut was never a topic of discussion until he completely changed his lifestyle by leaving Sweden for living in different parts of the world a few years ago. The change of environment and the limited musical equipment he could bring with him became a way to challenge himself. “I only had my laptop, a cheap microphone and a keyboard to come with me, but as it turns out, it was all I needed.”

YSTER is a dark 5-track collection of songs pushing boundaries between dance, electronica and chill wave. Johan explains the sound progression during his travels and his current residency in London. “As I’ve been a stranger visiting for a while now, I soon realised that the feeling of something foreign would evolve into a calm sense of home wherever I settled down. I think you can hear these transitions on my EP.”

Johan Lundgren has also been a frequent live collaborator in the audiovisual project iamamiwhoami. This is also how he came to be introduced to ionnalee’s label, To whom it may concern. “They have formed an inspiring environment with their music, label and the world surrounding it, keeping total control of the creative process and the production, without some man in a suit intervening.”

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