Claes bjorklund
Claes Björklund
name Claes Erik Mårten Björklund
alias Midnight Ruler
born January 29, 1971
Motala, Sweden
occupation Musician, producer, songwriter
iamamiwhoami Member, producer

Claes Björklund, born 1971 in Motala, is a Swedish music producer, musician (pianist) and songwriter. Active as a producer since 1998. Has worked extensively with Swedish producer Martin Terefe which is based in London. Has participated as a musician on the album as Ron Sexsmith's Cobblestone Runway and Retreiver, and Martha Wainwright's I Know You're Married But I've Got Feelings Too. Playing piano in the Scottish band Travis. Each member of the band Tribeca. Now, he is credited as the music producer as well as co-songwriter for iamamiwhoami.

Björklund also has embarked in a solo project known as Barbelle, which produced the music for To whom it may concern; necessities clothing line.

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