Year Award Category Result
2010 Grammis Innovator of the Year (Årets innovatör) Won
2011 O Music Awards Innovative Artist Nominated
2011 O Music Awards Best Web-Born Artist


2012 BBC Radio 6 Best Tease Of The Last 12 Months Won
2012 O Music Awards Digital Genius Won
2013 Grammis Music Video of the Year (Årets Musikvideo) Nominated

Grammis: Årets InnovatorEdit

At the 2010 Swedish Grammis, held on January 17, 2011, iamamiwhoami won the award of "Innovator of the Year" (Årets Innovatör), a newly inaugurated category. An anonymous woman (referred to as 'Key Lady' by the fans as she wore a key necklace, and now revealed to be Nina Fors, the mother of Emil Fors who worked as the Production Manager for the videos) received the award on their behalf and handed to the speaker an envelope with the words "To whom it may concern." taped in front. The content is revealed to be an empty piece of paper. Before leaving, Nina says, "Thank you. That's all I am allowed to say".

O Music Awards: Innovative ArtistEdit

iamamiwhoami was nominated for an MTV O Music award in January 2011 in the "Innovative Artist" category. Fellow nominees included Lady Gaga, Kanye West and Tyler, the Creator. The award eventually went to Lady Gaga.

O Music Awards: Best Web-Born ArtistEdit

iamamiwhoami was nominated again in October 2011 for an MTV O Music award, this time in the "Best Web-Born Artist" category. Fellow nominees included Kina Grannis, Lovett, MNDR, Odd Future and The Weeknd. The award eventually went to Grannis.

BBC Radio 6: Best Tease of the Last 12 MonthsEdit

iamamiwhoami was nominated for "Best Tease of the Last 12 Months" category by BBC Radio's 6 Music Blog Awards in February 2012. Fellow nominees included Elliphant, Battlekat, Lana Del Rey, Savoir Adoire and The Sound of Arrows. The next week iamamiwhoami was announced to be the winner through live broadcast by Tom Robinson, making their radio airplay debut with o right afterwards.

O Music Awards: Digital GeniusEdit

iamamiwhoami was nominated for yet another MTV O Music Award in May 2012, for the "Digital Genius" category. Fellow nominees included Gorillaz, OK Go, The Flaming Lips, Amanda Palmer and Radiohead. The winner was announced to be iamamiwhoami on June 28th via live show broadcast by hosts Randy and Jason Sklar. iamamiwhoami later sent in a thank you text memo which simply read "To whom it may concern: thank you. iamamiwhoami".

Grammis: Årets MusikvideoEdit

iamamiwhoami's Robin Kempe-Bergman was nominated for a Grammis in the "Music Video of the Year" (Årets Musikvideo) category with drops. The Grammis ceremony was held and partially broadcast on February 20th, 2013; this particular award, among some others, was announced beforehand. The award eventually went to Christian Larson, director of the "Valtari" promotional video for the Icelandic band Sigur Rós.

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