release date January 25, 2010
length 1:22
numeric code i.t.s.m.e (
animal Whale.png
tags foetus, amniotic, fluid, umbilical, cord, cream, gateau, disciple, wood
ISWC T-906.674.410-3
Jonna Lee (00450572370),
Claes Björklund (00262527078) T-906.728.879-3
iamamiwhoami (00608508743)

The third video from iamamiwhoami. It was originally uploaded on January 25, 2010, but it was removed for copyright infringement, as it contained a fragment of another user's video of a whale.

The video was re-uploaded on February 1, 2010, with the drawing of a whale replacing the employed fragment of the video, which now was included as a link.

This snippet was eventually fully realized as the ionnalee song LIKE HELL.

The numeric code indexed to letters translates "it's me" (

Original upload[]

The first upload included a fragment of a video, from National Geographic, about facts of the whale shark. The new upload replaced the fragment with a drawing of a whale, and includes the link to the video.

It reached 141,768 views before being removed.

Live performances[]

The song was performed acappella IN CONCERT, during the walk to bury the ashes of ShootUpTheStation. This version included additional lyrics than the version from the video.


Release history[]

Date Release
2010-01-25 video (removed)
2010-02-01 video (new edit re-upload)

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