numeric code i.a.m
tags foetus, lap, nourish, cortex, sap, disciple, wood
ISWC T-906.674.409-0
Jonna Lee (00450572370),
Claes Björklund (00262527078) T-906.725.225-9
iamamiwhoami (00608508743)

The second video from iamamiwhoami. It was originally uploaded on January 7, 2010, but it was removed for copyright infringement, as it contained a fragment of another user's video of an owl.

The video was re-uploaded on February 1, 2010, with the drawing of an owl replacing the employed fragment of the video, which now was included as a link.

The numeric code indexed to letters translates "I am" (9.1.13).

Original upload

The first upload included a fragment of a video, from another user, of a barred owl vocalizing spring courtship call in a forest. The new upload replaced the fragment with a drawing of an owl, and includes the link to the video.

It reached 163,991 views before being removed.


The melody of this track appears in the chorus of y.

Release history

Date Release
2010-01-07 video (removed)
2010-02-01 video (new edit re-upload)

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