release date March 1, 2010
length 1:15
numeric code w.e.l.c.o.m.e-h.o.m.e (
animal Monkey
tags asterisk, disciple, habitat, interment, crest, wood pulp

The sixth video from iamamiwhoami, and the last video from this series. It was uploaded on March 1, 2010. The drawing on this video is a monkey. It includes a link to another user's video of monkeys (removed).

The numeric code indexed to letters translates "welcome home" (

In the first shot, as the focus shifts, we can see the word "WELCOME" made of little sticks hanging from a bigger one.

The blood on the snow in front of the six crosses draws the words "i am".

The song only has two lines, and they're from the lyrics of o.


Lyrics Edit

thought I felt a spark
thought I saw a flame

Release HistoryEdit

Date Release
2010-03-01 video

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