release date November 4, 2010
length 1:59
tags 20101104, bounty, iamamiwhoami

Uploaded on November 4, 2010. This was the last music video before the first concert.

The full version of the song was performed IN CONCERT, and released as a single as "." for this live version. It was eventually realized in to the full song shadowshow which appeared on BLUE.

Music video observations

The video opens in a white residence, continuing from the end of y. A man in briefs is seen hung above a pot of fertilizer. The pot spontaneously spills across the floor. A close-up of the man's hand reveals he is wearing a plain gold ring. A different hand wearing a similar ring is then shown (later revealed to be belonging to a woman in a bathtub). Dripping water is heard occurring in a bathroom, from a shower head into a bathtub. A crane shot reveals a blonde woman lying in a fetal position wearing briefs in the bathtub (both people have plastic bags over their heads). A foot slowly emerges from the spilled pot, which then hops through a hallway. A cat and a dog follow in a parallel hallway. They arrive at the foyer of the residence, and a naked woman who emerged from the pot is seen. As she removes the pot covering her head, the screen goes black. In the darkness, her voice can be heard singing lyrics from what would eventually be released as shadowshow. The darkness is revealed to be in her perspective as she lifts the pot from her head, approaches, unlocks, and turns the handle of the door. A wisp of blonde hair is seen on her shoulder.


  • An aesthetic element is apparent in this video as well as b, whereby one sees a doorway through a doorway.

    The layout of the home in both videos (b and 20101104) are similar.

  • The layout of the home seems to parallel the one in b; both chairs and mirrors are in the same position.
  • The black dog and cat from prior videos appear.
  • The man in underwear from prior videos appear.
  • The foyer of the house has a mirror, a doormat, and a shoe rack with two pairs of black male and female shoes.


We run, we run
Terrified, what have you done?
This is how it goes
It's how it goes

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